Yo! I'm Juan.

I'm crazy about Maths. And other subjects including, but not limited to: Astronomy, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science and Linguistics.

So yeah. This is my site. The name mathcrazy comes from my very first email account! I made it when I was 6 and I still have access to it. I've put it in the 'About' section for any of ya stalkers to send me a message.

Anyways. I'll probably be updating this place every now and then as my Web Design skills continue to grow. Yes, I'm doing this to practice my code skillz. Feel free to leave any suggestions, love letters, angry rants and more in my Guestbook.

Latest Updates!

June 21, 2017

We're up! Let's hope I don't abandon this project. I mean, I promise I won't. I'll think of some fresh content to upload here soon so ya guys don't get bored. *EDIT* This thing looks hideous so far with the whole blue color scheme. Tommorrow I'ma re-design it using a background image and opaque divs. It's too late right now and I'd better go to sleep.